Almost a decade ago, the HP company began to challenge the expectations of enterprise-level printers. New versions of high-end technology equipment have been introduced to the market. Among which we can highlight the Page Wide HP printer. A multifunction device with all the quality that HP offers.

Among the most outstanding features of this printer we have. Technology («HP SPT»). HP SPT includes innovations in printheads, advanced ink systems, materials, design rules and the highest precision.

All of this makes HP Page Wide printers the latest printing innovation developed by HP.
That is why it is not at all feasible to place this type of equipment in the hands of an inexperienced technical service.

Our company Tech4You is aware of the technological innovations launched in international markets by HP. In order to update our technical and administrative staff on the operation of each HP printer and device.

We’re dedicated to optimizing HP Page Wide technology and highlighting the benefits of having a machine of this magnitude.

HP Page Wide Printer RepairService

The service we offer at Tech4You consists of three phases:

Review is performed to determine what the needs of the printer are.

Subsequently, the client is informed of the measures to be taken to repair and/or provide preventive maintenance. Attached with a budget with real prices, zero speculation.

Finally. The work begins and when it is finished, a considerable guarantee time is established.

The following aspects are taken into account in the evaluation:

Printing speed.

Inkjet distribution.

Energy efficiency.1, 2,3.

Performance of HP Inkjet Presses

HP PageWide Printer

What should reliable printing look like on a Page Wide printer?

Before making the decision to hire a specialized technical service, it is important that you verify if your equipment really needs some type of repair and maintenance. To do this we will explain a little how HP Page Wide printers work.

We first let you know that HP PageWide Technology must reach its level of speed by printing in a single pass. In order to achieve quality printing, it is necessary to have the print heads functional. Check the print head service stations. Check inks and paper transport.

When an impression is made. The computer must accurately place an ink dot. Each nozzle should eject a drop each time it is needed and within the settings for speed, direction, and drop weight.

A service station inside the printer then verifies the performance of each nozzle. By unit it is verified if it is operating properly.

HP’s optical drop detectors, which can check for individual drops in flight, are checked by the team every second. The service station cleans and caps the print head so that the nozzles can be restored.

In the event that a mouthpiece cannot be retrieved immediately. So HP PageWide Technology uses passive and active methods to substitute good nozzles for bad ones by suppressing artifacts like white streaks on the page.

HP develops advanced pigment inks in its own laboratories to meet the unique requirements of HP technology.

Importance of inks in the HP Page Wide printer

HP pigment inks produce high black density and a wide range of vivid, saturated colors in a single pass. Prints are dry and ready to use right out of the printer.

Compared to dye-based inks on plain, low-cost papers, HP Pigment Inks offer superior durability. Increased resistance to water damage, highlighters, dry spots, and light fading.

HP PageWide Printer

Inks are an essential part of reliable droplet ejection. Whenever a printhead is uncapped and exposed to air, water in the ink quickly evaporates from nozzles that are about one-fifth the diameter of a human hair.

If the print head is left uncapped for more than a few seconds. The ink thickens at the nozzles and makes it difficult to expel a drop.

Repair of all models of HP printers

Commercial and large-format printers Printers that use HP PageWide Technology may eject a few drops between pages (or sheets of large-format paper). To refresh the ink in the nozzles each drop must be printed reliably. For several seconds we wait while they are uncovered.

Web inkjet presses eject droplets from each nozzle every fraction of a second onto the web in the space between image frames.

This technique serves both nozzles and built-in vision systems to assess nozzle performance.
On HP Page Wide Printer Technology. Accuracy of dot placement on paper is built in by positioning the nozzle on the print head. Placing dots correctly across the page requires precision mechanics to load and transport paper and sensors. They help coordinate drop ejection with paper movement.

HP PageWide Printer

We value your investment

In the event that your Page Wide HP printer does not carry out the process that is explained above. We repair it and restore vitality to your equipment. It should be noted that we repair all models of HP multifunctional printers that exist in the market.

Because we value your investment, we are constantly training and updating our technical staff. So that they are at the height of their team. We also use special tools for our repairs.

What are you waiting for, contact our assistants? contact us and we will gladly solve your problem. Tech4You innovating in HP page wide printer repair.