HP Sprocket printers are high-tech equipment that give you quality photos. Images that can only be possible with a team with these characteristics. Therefore, proper treatment must be given. It is not worth damaging such an efficient device to save a few euros.

Send it where the real professionals are. Our company offers you a repair and preventive maintenance service for your HP Sprocket printer, tailored just for you.

We focus on repairing HP, with truly qualified personnel, who know each of the equipment models perfectly. We offer you laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to be able to solve any type of failure.

If you want to take advantage of your HP Sprocket printer, be sure to browseour page and if you have any fault that you cannot solve, take it to our facilities and we will solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

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Recommendations for the best print quality on your HP Sprocket PC

The print quality of a photo does not depend only on the equipment. There are multiple factors involved at the time of printing. We will recommend a series of procedures to help you in case the prints come out dark, out of focus and blurry. With these tips you will surely get the most out of your HP printer before making the decision to opt for HP Sprocket printer repair. Let’s start:

If possible use original HP photo paper

For the Hewlett Packard brand, to guarantee that HP equipment carries out all the processes for which they were manufactured, they need to use the same paper with which the printing tests were carried out. For the best results. Definitely use HP photo paper and that way you can ensure the quality and efficiency of the equipment.

If certified paper is not used, there is a risk of damaging the printer. In addition, if you need telephone technical support, it will be easier for you to resolve a small difficulty.

Ask our technical staff at the time of service where you can buy photo paper.

Check if the battery is more than 50% charged

Many times we do not examine the status of the battery and we do not get a quality impression. In that case, don’t worry, we offer you two ways to check your battery:

  1. Via the HP Sprocket app
  2. Directly checking the print.

In case you want to examine it through the HP Sprocket app, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the HP Sprocket printer.
  • Open the HP Sprocket app.
  • Find the Menu icon and then tap Sprocket.
  • Click on printers.
  • Select your Sprocket from the list.

An information screen will be displayed:

  • Under Status, look for the Battery option.
  • Check the charging status. In case the battery charge is 50%, continue with the next step. If not, proceed immediately to charge the printer for approximately half an hour or until charging is complete.
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Consider Upgrading HP Sprocket Printer Firmware

The firmware is constantly being updated by the HP company. Also from time to time new updates are released that can help you solve many problems.

In order to perform the update, you must connect the HP printer together with the application on your mobile, so that both computers are synchronized. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Turn on both your mobile and the HP Sprocket printer
  • On the mobile device, go to the HP Sprocket app that you should have downloaded earlier.
  • Tap the Menu icon.
  • Click on the Sprocket button.
  • Tap Printers.
  • Select your Sprocket from the list.
  • An information screen will open.
  • Select firmware update.
  • Click Get Firmware Update.
  • and then follow the step-by-step prompts to complete the update.

Periodically clean the printer path rollers

Dust and ink residue on the paper path rollers can interfere with print quality.

We recommend that you use the color card from the same pack of HP-brand photo paper.

HP Sprocket Printer Repair
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Other recommendations

  • Always keep in mind that image resolution is also a very important part of print quality. Make sure images contain a minimum resolution of 818 x 1258 pixels to take full advantage of the HP Sprocket printer’s capabilities
  • Take into account that the images that come from a mobile device may vary depending on the internal resolution of the equipment, so we indicate that no matter how many efforts are made, the images will not be one hundred percent sharp.
  • Check that the lighting and brightness are correct to take a good picture. You can also use Flash to add more light to images.
  • In the event that the HP Sprocket printers overheat, do not despair, let it cool down for a few minutes and continue with the work.
  • Store the ream of photo paper in a cool, dry place, and avoid places with high humidity.

These recommendations are made directly by the owner at home. In case of any difficulties, call us and we will immediately put you online with an operator who will give you guaranteed telephone technical support.

If the fault persists, we can go to your home or office at no additional cost. Or if you prefer, look for our address in the contact section of this page and visit our facilities.

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