When it comes to HP laser printer repair, there is no one better in Madrid than Tech4You. We characterize ourselves in giving a special treatment to all your HP equipment.

For many years we have been innovating in the field of repairing computers, laptops, tabletsand HP laser printers. No matter what model you have, we will receive it and get you back up and running in no time.

We work daily for your well-being with great respect and commitment to give you the best service. We are characterized by the fact that we do not rest until we get the failure in your equipment. We do not limit ourselves. Our staff is one hundred percent committed to meeting your needs.

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We are leaders in HP laser printer repair

We focus on solving each situation so you can enjoy the benefits of your HP printer. Below we will indicate what are the most common problems that occur with laser printers and the reason for these situations. Between them we have:

Print has poor sharpness gaps

When using inkjet printer, sparse gaps are usually the result of using poor quality paper. This also happens if there is a problem with the connection between the print cartridge and the media. Try to reinstall the print cartridge.

Print density is variable

It often happens that some areas of the pages are darker than normal. Although this situation rarely happens, it is possible that the problem is due to the distribution of the toner on the photoreceptor. In these cases, the most common cause of this is an uneven distribution of the toner when its container runs out.

What should you do? We recommend that you remove the cartridge and shake it vigorously so that the ink will flow properly.

Dirty or damaged crown wire

When corona wires have residual toner, they can apply an uneven charge, resulting in fuzzy white lines running vertically on printed pages.

On the other hand, when the pages are all black or blank, it can be caused by a charger or a damaged corona wire.

What is the solution? , the most viable and effective is to clean the crowns with a swab. In this way you will surely be able to solve the situation of the white lines. Although it is necessary that you consult a technician who will tell you if it is necessary to carry out any type of replacement.

Regularly spaced areas

If when you print to the HP laser printer and it shows any inconsistency on the pages, a possible cause may be a defective photoreceptor drum. Therefore it is better to seek help in that case. Please do not touch any part of the printer. Call an HP technician immediately.

Other problems with HP laser printers

Print comes out gray has gray in background

The photoreceptor drum of an HP laser printer is a fundamental piece to balance the colors of the ink. Many times when printouts start to turn gray instead of black it is a sign that the drum needs to be replaced. Replacement is necessary in order to control the print density. Similarly, it is better to consult an expert.

Loose toner

If the pages coming out of your HP laser printers have toner on them that you can rub off or scatter, the toner hasn’t fused properly. This usually means that the fuser is not reaching the temperature necessary to completely melt the toner and fuse it onto the page. A problem of this type almost always requires professional attention.

Solid vertical black line

A vertical black line running the length of several consecutive pages is a sign that your HP laser printer cartridge may be nearly empty The solution without a doubt is to replace it, remember not to refill it. Consider purchasing HP brand cartridges.

Frequently jammed paper

Occasional paper jams are normal, but persistent paper jams may indicate that you are using non-recommended or low-quality paper or too textured, making it unsuitable for laser printing. The solution is easy to change paper.

Another problem regarding paper jams can also be related to the unevenness of the surface. That is, the HP laser printer is not fully aligned in the space where it is located.

Each of these faults are the ones that you must manifest at the moment that the technician tells you what problems your printer has. Remember that your equipment is an investment and that every problem, no matter how small, is of the utmost importance to our staff.

Visit us and tell us your problem, we will gladly assist you. We are leaders in laser printer repair available to everyone.