The repairof large format HP printers require a specialized technical service. At Tech4You we offer a set of solutions so that you can solve even repairs at the most critical points within your company. We provide assistance, installation and preventive maintenance to your equipment, all in order to protect your profitable investment.

In addition, our company is aware that printers are a fundamental part of its work structure, it is an irreplaceable tool, therefore it must be given the respective treatment.

The intent to protect your devices and repair HP goes far beyond the business relationship. We want to continue implementing a relationship of trust between the client and our organization. So that there is a win-win relationship. We gain a client that has our support at all times and your company gains a quality technical support service 24 hours a day.

HP Large Format Printers
We have the best printer repair service

We offer the best preventive maintenance service

Our mission is to keep your HP Large Format Printer functional at all times. It is useless that you have an expensive equipment working at 50 or 70% of its capacity. Our intention is that your company has all the necessary tools to continue being as successful as ever.

At Tech4You we know that the best way to prevent your equipment from having downtime is with a good preventive maintenance service. But first you need to make sure that your employees have the necessary training to operate these types of printers. Because it is useless for us to assist in any type of HP large-format printer repair or maintenance if the equipment is not handled correctly.

To ensure the good performance of HP large-format printers, you need to take these three recommendations into account:

  • Train your staff.
  • Pay attention to the alerts that your team expresses to you.
  • Look for specialized technicians to solve any situation

If you follow each of these steps you are sure to have no major difficulties with your HP large format printers.

The most important thing for us is to guarantee the operability

Like other types of equipment, revision and preventive adjustments are strictly necessary. So that they do not have problems and continue to operate efficiently and with the efficiency that characterizes HP products.

HP Large Format Printers
Follow our tips for repairing your printer

You should realize that by keeping your equipment in top condition, you and your business can minimize unexpected costs and maximize print performance and consistency.

With HP Preventive Maintenance Service and Technical Support, your business will always be serving your customers. We provide a technical staff trained and certified by HP to carry out an in-depth review of the status of your printer. It is also verified that all the parts and mechanisms of your HP large format printer are in excellent condition.

When you trust us. You put yourself in the hands of a group of experts who will not rest until your printer is as good as new. A revision, cleaning and update of HP printer is carried out. He is then informed of the situation. So you can focus on your business tasks with the confidence that your printer will perform at its best for a long time.

HP Preventive Maintenance Service and Technical Support for hp Large Format Printer REPAIR includes:

Preventive Maintenance

  • Complete verification of printer functionality.
  • Evaluation of the operation of the keyboard and other operating parts.
  • Various print tests.

Performance, cleaning and replacement

  • Paper dust and ink residue removal.
  • Deep cleaning of the pieces.
  • Cleaning the paper path and heads.
  • Verification of the status of the parts that could be replaced.
  • Firmware revision.
  • Installation of the necessary updates.

All this service is done in an integrated way, just by calling our offices we will provide you with all the information and we will estimate the cost of this preventive maintenance service or at no additional cost.

It should be noted that our technicians make a preliminary evaluation to see what the needs are for the repair of HP large format printers totally free and directly in your company.

HP Large Format Printers
You will be delighted with the results

When you are going to replace some of the parts during the repair of HP large format printers, it is essential to check the printing quality of the equipment. Many times, in order to save money, we prefer not to change any part unless there is a major fault, since we tell you that it is a serious mistake.

Replace parts in due time

Changing the parts is of vital importance to avoid major wear that leads to the end of the useful life of your equipment. Fortunately, this type of device always emits an alert message. The company Hp, always thinking about the comfort of its customers, designed the printers in such a way that they could send a message to their operators as a warning that something is not working in the best way.

Therefore, ignoring these alerts can contribute to the value of your investment and could increase the risk of poor performance and print quality. It can also cause delays in their deliveries and it may even happen that the printer has to be taken out of circulation for a couple of days while the difficulties are resolved. Thus causing interruption of the work of your company.

That is why we offer a fast and safe parts replacement service. With the implementation of this service you can be sure that your equipment will perform in the same way as when you bought it.

In addition, our technicians have the skills to perform the service effectively at the same time that you make the emergency call so that it does not obstruct your daily work planning.

Contact us and we will schedule HP Large Format Printer repair and parts replacement service with you. Remember there is that we value your time.
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