They may still have an HP inkjet printer in their possession. There are many models that are still available in the market. Although it has gone a bit out of fashion, since HP laser printers were created a few decades ago. However, these teams are preferred by millions of customers worldwide. And we’re here to extend the life of your HP inkjet printer.

At Tech4You we focus on making your life easier. How? , offering a repair service and technical support that is unique in the market. With the guarantee and support of a company that offers you the best tools. For you to make the best decisions. We take care of every detail in terms of quality and customer service.

HP ink printers
Know what is the best type of printer

Having an HP ink printer in your hands will bring you multiple benefits. For this reason, you must keep it as if it had just left the factory. We keep your equipment like new. The only thing you have to do is contact us before the failure occurs. Request our preventive maintenance service so that more difficult situations do not occur.

But, do you know perfectly what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an HP printer? Here we will show it to you.

HP ink printers
Each printer has certain characteristics

Advantages of the HP Ink printer

Though HP ink printer have many advantage. It is important to know why they are better than the others on the market. Let’s start:

  • The price: This is definitely a powerful reason when choosing a printer. It’s not just the equipment itself that saves money. But what in maintenance. Repair costs are usually less than laser printers.
  • Print resolution: Inkjet printers are perfect for color printing.
  • Reduceddimensions: HP ink printers are much more compact. They take up much less space. They can be placed in a small space and will look great.

HP ink printers
Some brands are better than others

Disadvantages of HP ink printers

  • The cost of printing is higher: Having a better quality also implies a little more expense in ink. Inkjet printers usually have a higher cost per print.
  • Printingspeed: Without a doubt, it is much slower than laser printers. Unfortunately HP has not yet made it as fast as HP laser printers.
  • You cannot use any type of paper, it is recommended that you use HP brand paper for best results. Although the possibility that the printer could drip and stain the image is not ruled out.
  • Cartridges tend to get clogged. Unfortunately this type of HP ink printers has a problem that has not yet been perfected. Cartridges tend to get very dirty and therefore can be constantly clogged. Although you can opt for the auto clean option it is a bit annoying.

Like the advantages and disadvantages of the HP ink printer, it is also important not only the equipment. But the quality of the ink that we use, that is why we will show you how important the use of original inks is for your HP ink printer.

Benefits of using original HP ink printer inks

  1. They guarantee the durability of the printer

When original inks are used, you are collaborating with the conservation of the printer. Try it for yourself! When using refillable inks the quality drops visibly.

  1. Improve image quality

It must be taken into account that prints with original inks are much more dynamic and the colors are vivid. Even the blacks are sharp. For something the HP brand brought to the market in parallel with the printers a wide variety of inks

  1. compatibility

Without a doubt, a compatible cartridge will never be the same as a reloaded one. Although the ink is of excellent quality, it will not be better than the original brand. Therefore, it should not be surprising when the printer locks up, many times this type of ink is incompatible and in the long run the cost is higher. Not only because of the number of times the cartridge has to be recharged, but also because of the maintenance and repair that is required.

If what you are looking for is to increase the useful life of your computer. We help you contribute to delay possible failures. We give you tips and explain in detail how each of the HP equipment should work.

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