We are a highly qualified technical service in repairingHP devices. We have professional staff qualified in repairs and replacement of spare parts. We are especially dedicated to the repair of HP printers for companies. No matter the amount of equipment, we will make a global quote to offer you the best prices on the market.

Not sure where to turn to get your HP business printer equipment repaired?

HP Desktop Repair for Business
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We are the answer. Quality, honesty and responsibility in a single service.

We are specialized in effective diagnoses. Yourteam’s evaluation will be thorough and detailed to a high professional standard. We are constant and determined with each repair, while your equipment is in our hands, each technical defect will be solved.

The main goal is to provide our customers with the technical solutions they expect for HP Printer Repair for Business. An accurate diagnosis is essential to get to the root of the problem, we believe that the customer should know in detail what is causing the failures in their HP printer equipment. We provide you with such valuable information.

We offer effective solutions for individuals and large companies. This service is effective for the peace of mind of business owners who need their equipment in excellent condition so that their employees can perform their duties effectively without setbacks. In addition to that, we offer HP repair training so your top performers learn how to fix small issues.

Our service in particular is aimed at large companies. Many times, companies cannot part with all of their equipment to provide them with a proper repair, which is when an express service comes into play. We will put at your disposal trained personnel to carry out a thorough and complete diagnosis of the situation.

If it is necessary to start an HP desktop repair process for companies, our technical staff will have the tools to start the repair in moments. In the event of a more difficult technical problem, it will be necessary to send the equipment to our authorized HP technical laboratories.

Comprehensive solutions for your technical problems HP

HP Desktop Repair for Business
Our goal is to give the best service

That is precisely what you will find when you contact us for comprehensive solutions and optimizations of a wide variety of HP products. We are just what you have always wanted, a responsible company that offers you confidence.

Can’t come to our facilities?

Don’t worry, we’ll send trained personnel to troubleshoot and repair your HP desktop on your computer.

We are close to you. Our specialized technical staff will be at your disposal 7 days a week, at least twelve hours a day.

Our exact address is found in detail on our portal, and we even attach a map so you don’t get confused when you arrive. We offer you other options. You can also make a call and request our service, but the idea is always that our clients visit our facilities.

In the same way, we will check your HP equipment when you enter our work facilities. In some cases, we will provide you with information on the cost and time of repair.

We will implement HP technique to be able to find the fault and we will detail the effective diagnosis in the comfort of your company. We just need an area where the evaluations can be done.

On certain occasions, if your HP printers in business suffer moderate damage, for example if it has been wet, you will most likely have to leave it, since these problems need to be evaluated, analyzed and diagnosed in detail, achieve a diagnosis under these circumstances it is complicated and both you and your team deserve the time necessary to diagnose it effectively.

We also want to show you that our internal policies establish direct communication with the client. Any inconvenience that affects the repair or delivery time of your equipment will be reported to you immediately.

We repair any HP components and equipment

As in all cases, there are technical failures in HP equipment, therefore we also repair HP desktops and laptops. These devices enter our laboratories by:

  • Keys or trackpad not working
  • Does notturn on or heat
  • Slow computers
  • Broken motherboard
  • Broken screen
  • Batteries not charging
  • Liquid spill damage

Each of these technical problems will be repaired as quickly as the case requires, rest assured that HP Desktop and Printer Repair for Business will help you restore functionality to your equipment and you will get back a fully repaired equipment.

HP Desktop Repair for Business
We solve any kind of problems


With years of experience, we can repair your HP HP printer no matter what the problem or how difficult it is. In the same way, we are trained and constantly updated in HP equipment repair to provide you with the solution you expect.

We must emphasize, each problem presented in your HP equipment will be carefully studied in order to provide a first-class diagnosis and implement the correct method to recover the functionality of your equipment.

Because of our large inventory of Original HP Parts, you won’t have to wait long to get your computer back. All the parts used in our HP equipment repairs are of high quality and have a guarantee in case of factory defects.

We try to keep our inventories topped up without the availability of HP parts in our store. With the intention that our customers do not waste time looking for and checking the compatibility of the part when buying. That’s why we replace original brand parts.

The entire process of selecting and checking parts is carried out by our specialized technical staff. They will be in charge of substituting the most appropriate piece to the need of the equipment in recovery.

For this and many other reasons we are known for providing fast and efficient HP technical support.

We are Tech4You within reach of your company.