We are a company that has a group of professional technicians who are responsible for solving all kinds of technical support problems for your computers. We don’t just limit ourselves to personal HP laptop repair but we also solve any problems you may have with HP equipment on a business level.

We focus on designing business plans for technical support, repair and maintenance according to the needs and requirements of each company. In such a way that you, as a company representative, handle the budget for the repair of HP computers. Without having to add an extra euro and without negotiating through outsourcing.

hp laptop repair
We’re here to serve you

The service we offer is of quality and we maintain the manufacturer’s standards.

Our service includes basic activities of the first line of support. As well as advanced activities that require higher levels of specialization.

Our company offers other types of services as part of its business plan, depending on the plan designed and established, you can choose:

  • On-site technical support.
  • HP laptop repair with no quantity limit.
  • Preventive maintenance of HP equipment.
  • Corrective maintenance to HP computers. We also fix other components like HP monitors and printers.
  • We manage the replacement of exclusive original HP spare parts.
  • Technical support.
  • HP desktop computer repair.

Once the services your company requires have been determined, a personalized and detailed quote will be sent to you. Where the unit price of each service is appreciated. We then finalize the payment options and immediately begin making the repairs.

You can contact us without obligation and we will help you define the plan that your company needs. We will gladly assist you.

Hp laptop repair
Personalized attention

How can you contact us for HP laptop repair?

If you have already made the decision and wish to contact the Tech4you® HP technical service. We recommend that you verify our phone numbers and address on the main page of the portal.

If you need to know the facilities, you can come in person and we will gladly assist you. Or if you prefer by phone. In case you have an emergency with your HP equipment, we will go to your company to avoid inconveniences.

If you still have any questions before hiring us, we suggest that you tour our facilities with a company representative so that you can see for yourself how our administrative and technical staff work. So that you recognize that we maintain the standards in repair, verify that we have excellent professionals and we handle the best tools to give you quality technical service.

It is our duty to tell you that before giving you a quote, we take a moment to carry out a diagnosis and evaluation of HP equipment, and in this way be able to obtain the results and give you information on the repair plan that is going to be implemented.

As our purpose is to effectively repair your HP computers, the revision is low cost and the estimates are completely free. Therefore, you can request it as many times as you deem necessary.

Hp laptop repair
The best service for your computer

What are the reasons to choose us?

At Tech4You we know exactly that the needs of our customers are varied and that is why we strive day after day to provide you with an effective and efficient HP laptop repair service so that you only focus on the success of your business.

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us:

We offer HP repair business plans to suit you

We are aware that all companies are not the same. That is why we design personalized plans that adapt to the needs. We have professional technicians to cover each department of your company. We also know very well the operation of HP equipment. We have the specialized tools to give you the quality service that your asset deserves.

We’re committed with our clients

From the first contact that your company makes with Tech4You, we immediately become an ally. We do our work with the purpose of supporting you at all times and fulfilling the services in the established time.

We offer comprehensive solutions to optimize your HP equipment

Our extensive experience in different companies allows us to offer you comprehensive solution tools for the optimization and repair of HP laptops, so that you avoid throwing away your expensive equipment. Gone are the deposits of inoperative equipment, we will repair all the equipment that was given as lost, thus recovering your investment.

Confidence and security at all times

We are a legally established company that complies with all established regulations and we are committed to our clients. We work to offer you solutions. There is no need to put the operation of your company at risk by hiring companies that will not meet your requirements. If the case requires it, we work outside business hours. We work every day and at special hours so as not to neglect. In the event of a contingency. HP laptop repair is our responsibility.

Cost optimization

We adapt to your budgets. We know that many times companies do not have liquidity, that is why we offer payment plans, consult our sales department and we will surely reach an agreement.

Truthful and timely information

As part of our policy we will keep you informed of each phase of HP repairs. So that we are in constant communication and each HP laptop repair will be delivered as it becomes operational. From the moment it is repaired, you are notified and the equipment ceases to be inoperative and returns to its working assumption.

Our company is at your disposal at the time you require it, for these and for many reasons we are the best option in the market. Fortunately, many Spaniards are already part of our distinguished clientele.

If you live in Madrid or in the adjacent cities, contact us and we will immediately solve your problems. For us repairing HP is part of our daily routine.

Remember we are an authorized agent and we know everything about the repair of HP laptops, do not leave your equipment in the hands of inexperienced. take it with the real professionals. At Tech4You we are waiting for you, Contact us