We bring excellent news so that you can quickly and safely resolve problems, you can now repair your HP desktop. At Tech4You we repair all the desktop models that have come onto the market, we have the ability to optimize the latest content and simplify problems with your computers at home and in the office.

We repair not only computers but all the components of your computer, starting with the screen regardless of whether it is a touch, LCD, LED or plasma model. We also include in our service a review not only of the CPU but also of its complementary devices

HP Desktop Repair
HP Desktop Repair

HP Desktop Repair

The tranquility of our clients is our mission

You can rest easy knowing your HP desktop is in our hands. When a piece of equipment enters our workshops, it is subjected to rigorous tests to diagnose what the fault is. Subsequently, a second evaluation is carried out to confirm the diagnosis and the information is provided. In this way you make the decision to leave or not your equipment within our facilities.

As the repair process progresses, a phone call is made so that you know the status of your request at all times.

You can trust us, we will work for your comfort at a reasonable price. We handle the best repair rates in the market and do not exceed costs. We budget thinking about your economy.

We focus on extending the life of your HP desktop

Quality service

When it comes to quality and good service, we are the best option. We adapt to your budget and solve your problem so that you and your company continue in perfect harmony.

The most important thing for Tech4You is to take care of your investment

We repair the following models:

  • HP 260-p101ns Desktop.
  • HP Pavilion 595-p0013ns Desktop
  • All in One HP 20.c00ns
  • All in One HP Envy 27 p009ns
  • HP 570-P094NS Desktop
  • HP ALL-IN-ONE HP2 Desktop
  • All in One HP 22-c0200ns intel Celeron
  • All in One HP Pavilion 24-r114ns, 24-r116ns, 24-r108ns y 24-r101ns
HP Desktop Repair
You will receive your equipment as new

This is just a sample of the models that we can repair, in addition to the latest new generation. As you will be able to appreciate, from the equipment of old versions to the most modern ones, we can repair them.

Do not be afraid and contact us, we offer you a free review service at no cost, just so that you have the information of what is wrong with your computer.

Not all the characteristics of computers are the same, each model has its special typologies that distinguish it. Despite being of the same brand, many times its repair is complicated. That is why our staff is constantly trained to know the computers perfectly internally.

We repair anything related to hardware, drivers, software or BIOS update. To be able to leave your equipment in the best conditions

As an additional service we install Windows 8.1 Update for you. With all its updates. So you can keep your equipment updated and get better results when you are going to use it.

8 reasons to start hp desktop

HP Desktop Repair
Our work team is trained to be the best

At Tech4You we are used to handling certain situations, so we have decided to provide you with information on the eight alerts your HP desktop sends you that you should consider. Among them we have:

  1. The computer is very slow:

In case the computer is slower than usual and does not maintain the same performance, there may be a problem with the disk and a defragmentation is needed. Although the presence of a virus should not be ruled out and it needs a deep cleaning.

  1. Errors in the operating system:

When the Windows does not turn on correctly and indicates that there are errors, it is most likely that it does not recognize the operating system, there may be the possibility that there are important files damaged. We fix that in a few hours.

  1. The computer does not want to turn on or turns off every time:

It is very likely that you have problems with booting or that there is a problem with the power supply, in which case the computer has to stay for a more in-depth review.

  1. Laptop screen issues:

Many times the computer turns on, but the screen remains black. It may simply be that the external monitor is misconfigured, or the lighting has failed.

Alerts to be aware of

  1. mouse and keyboard not responding:

Not only poor connection is the reason for both devices not responding.n. For that, extensive repairs are not necessary, you can contact us and we will send a technician to your home or office. But it may also be that the port of entry has failed.

  1. The CD player does not recognize the discs:

If it reads the CDs, you definitely have a problem. There may be a driver problem or the drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

  1. Card issues:

In these cases they need a repair in order to achieve the correct operation of the motherboard.

  1. Problems with PC fans:

Many times they are dirty or damaged, they can make an abnormal noise when turning on the computer or they simply do not turn on.

If any of these things happen to your computer, then it’s time to give it some kind of maintenance.

What other problems do you have with your computer?

Contact us and send your comments through our portal. We have all the solutions to your problems.