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  • Dirección: C. de Joaquín María López, 26, 28015 Madrid, España.
  • Teléfono: 918 29 46 54

But yes, we repair computers. 🤗 ¿The reason? We fully understand what you must be going through. It happened to us too. From that moment on, we hope that no one else will have to stress over a damaged, broken or wet computer.

Now you can put your worries aside and leave everything in our hands. In less time than you thought you will be working again or, why not, entertaining yourself with your PC. We assure you!


We are located in Madrid, at Calle de Joaquín María López, 26. But it is easier for you to see it on the map:

Tech4you | HP Technical Service Repair Computers and Laptops

How to get to Tech4you, HP computer repair- in Madrid

Tech4you is located in Madrid, C. de Joaquín María López 26, very close to the Plaza de España, just 8 minutes and only 3 from the Islas Filipinas Metro stops.

We are also close to: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus, Universidad Pontificia Comillas. In addition, we are close to Colegio Jesús Maestro, Asunción Rincón, La Salle Sagrado Corazón and Colegio Decroly.

Other reference points where you can find the best computer repair service in Madrid and Spain: the Templo de Debod and Parque del Oeste,
We are also very close to the following bus lines: Cristo Rey, Hospital Universitario La Paz, Circular 1, Marques de Viana, Pitis, Line 2 and Line 12. Stops of the Metro Islas Filipinas, Moncloa y Canal.

An HP computer repairdesigned for you ➡️

Where to do therepair of HP computers, with warranty? ➡️

In case you are still within the valid time range to use it, you can directly contact the brand’s technical service at:

1) The first thing you should do is log in to your HP account in Spain If you don’t have it, you’ll need to create it. In this way you will save time and verify how the resolution of your case is going.

2) Once inside the help panel you can enter the data of your equipment and select the problem you have. Many of the solutions will be provided if you have an active product warranty.

You can also communicate directly through the following telephone numbers: 913754769, in the case of being an individual, and 913754770, in the case of being a company.

focused on the

hp computer repair, at all times

Our professionals will be in charge exclusively of working on the repair of your computer, that is, without interrupting the work with other projects, so that you can have it in your hands as soon as possible

If a device is very old and does not charge, could it be a problem with the device, the battery or the charger? 🔋

  • En efecto. Cuando un ordenador portátil ya ha pasado los 5 o 6 años de uso, las causas de su no funcionamiento se pueden deber a muchos factores. Sin embargo, si nota que ha dejado de cargar, de manera repentina, esto puede deberse a un daño en el cargador o en la batería, siendo este último componente el más propenso a cambio.
  • Una de las maneras de verificar dónde reside el problema es probando a quitar la batería, enchufando el dispositivo en el tomacorrientes y, si de esa manera pasa la energía, es porque, quizá, la batería sea la pieza a cambiar.
  • Pero, como hemos dicho, el error puede ser otro no tan visible. Por ello, si no funciona lo anterior o no tienes un cargador alterno con las mismas características para probar si se trata de este producto, te recomendamos asistir con una tienda de reparación de ordenadores como Tech4you para que verifique cuál es la situación del equipo y qué hacer al respecto.
  • Problemas a nivel de reparación de ordenadores HP como estos son los que podemos solucionar en nuestro local. ¿Te ayudamos a solventar algún error relacionado con ello?

An Tech4you

We have a dedicated team specialized in repairing HP computers

To make sure HP support is running smoothly, we track every job. We contact you to confirm that your device is in the optimal conditions it deserves after the procedure it has gone through.

You will find the repair of your computer that you were waiting for at Tech4You

We repair all models of HP computers. We also perform virus cleaning and data recovery. Our experienced technicians can carry out their work in the comfort of your home or business through the «at home» mode.

We put ourselves in your place during the repair of HP computers➡️

We know the stress of having a damaged electronic device. Adding the fact that you have no idea of ​​the progress of fixing your PC will not make you feel better. That is why we put ourselves in your shoes. We communicate with you through different means, whichever you prefer, so that you know how long it will take to have your computer ready.

Everything will depend on the repair that your computer requires, but we always try to deliver the devices in the shortest possible time, without this representing a problem in terms of the effectiveness of the results.

From the first moment you deliver your equipment to us, you can be sure that you will know how its recovery process is going.

You can come to our facilities in Chamberí to learn more about our work.

We carry out maintenance as part of the repair of HP computers

Is this important? Of course it is! If you had not considered it before, let us tell you that it is time for you to do so. The reason may seem obvious, but not for all desktop and laptop users.

It happens that by performing constant maintenance on PCs you are saving money and time in the near, medium or long future. Just as you read it! Why?

When you have a computer, you must be aware that it can be damaged at any time. This is the case with all electronic devices. Some last a little longer than others, depending on how well you care for them.

But when we talk about care we also refer to proper maintenance. You can do a lot on your own by, for example, not leaving the equipment in areas with extreme humidity or hot spaces. However, a deeper review of the device will help you identify whether or not there are any issues that can be fixed before they turn into something more risky for your machine.

There is no doubt that, indeed, this action will be very beneficial for your computer. That being the case, obviously at tech4You we have the service for your entire comfort. If you want more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

We handle all models of HP devices

Are you worried that we do not have the necessary knowledge to treat your computer? Don´t worry! At Tech4You we know perfectly the system of each of the HP computers that have come onto the market (yes, the last ones too)

The only thing you have to do for us to be able to solve the problem that your device may be presenting is to bring it to us or request the pick-up and delivery service.

In any of the cases we will put all our effort into giving a quick and accurate response to your request. Our technical collaborators are specialized in answering every question as soon as possible. In addition, they are continuously updated in terms of technical support techniques and knowledge of the new PCs that come onto the market.

For them, dealing with a damaged, wet or broken HP device is no problem. In fact, it is part of their daily life. They will not rest until they find where the error is and provide their respective solution. No worries for you!

Fast but safe deliveries

One of the requests that clients in the IT sector usually have is that their equipment be delivered as soon as possible. They understand that each process is different and that it depends on the repair that has to be carried out, but they hope that it can be solved in the shortest possible time.

It’s understandable. For many it is more than just a machine. It is your work and entertainment tool. They already have enough stress with the fact that it does not work properly.

Once again we put ourselves in their shoes, in their place. We want everyone to be able to go back to using their desktops or laptops the way they always have. But don´t worry. This is not why we force technical professionals to complete a job in a few hours. They take the time necessary to carry out their tasks, but being knowledgeable about the processes, they have the ability to finish sooner than expected.

Speed ​​and efficiency are some of the values ​​that characterize us and that we are willing to share with those who have trusted us to rescue their equipment. Do you want to be part of this group?

Does your computer slow down when you plug it into the outlet and work normally when you unplug it? ➡️

If you feel identified with this question, do not worry. Yes, it can happen and you would not be the first user to experience this conflict. The good news is that you can try a number of options to solve it. Here we present the most common:

  • Check the HP support page for updates to your computer’s BIOS. If so, install it.
  • Head over to task manager and check if any process is consuming a lot of power from the device. If so, stop it and try again by restarting it to see if it works normally.
  • Go to start, in the task manager, and deactivate all the programs that you have on the PC, except for windows defender. Restart the device to verify that the situation has been resolved.
  • Connect the charger directly to the outlet, without power strips or protectors, to determine if the conflict is in those parts.

None of this works? Contact us. We can help you with our HP technical service in Madrid. We deliver your equipment as new in a short time. Confirm it!

Can’t bring your machine to our lab?

Always thinking about the comfort and tranquility of our clients, we have made the equipment collection and delivery service available to them. Many of them do not have the time to transfer them to the offices where we operate, in Chamberí. And although it would seem a difficult conflict to resolve, it is not. We make sure that it is.

The feasible way we found to solve it was to add the aforementioned service to the repertoire of services. Thanks to this, you can not worry about not being able to take your computer to go through a technical review.

Although at first it was just another option for PC users, it is now one of the most requested services. Those who have trusted Tech4You before know that their machines will be taken care of and transferred with the best treatment, the same that we offer to our own tools.

It does not matter that it is a different modality. We will also let you know how the procedure is going through the means of communication of your choice.

We use original parts

It is a common fear for anyone not knowing what parts are being used (if any) to replace something inside their computers. And it is that, no matter how small the part, not always one that is not 100% original will allow the system to work as well as usual.

This happens with all the elements that can be changed on a PC, but the importance usually falls on the most visible: chargers and batteries. Both with them and with any other part that needs to be changed, we take the greatest care.

This is the main reason why we always choose non-universal or general material to offer to customers. Even some of the repairs or changes that we have had to make have been precisely because the user has placed a part that does not come from the main manufacturer and their equipment is affected.

We never recommend using these products, even when the prices are attractive. Remember the famous phrase «cheap is expensive, with the time» It applies perfectly to the case we are dealing with, right?

Exclusive dedication to your PC

Of course, users come to us every day with a problem with their HP devices. And of course we review them all accurately. But that does not mean that we do not pay the necessary attention to the PC that you give us.

On the contrary, we organize ourselves properly to deal with each case we handle. Rest assured, as technical professionals repair your computer, they won’t be checking on some other device.

When a desktop or laptop is being watched by the tech support team, it is that machine that will get all the attention for as long as the fix takes. In this way we ensure that there is no risk of confusion in the middle of the job.

Because yes, it can happen. The best thing is to concentrate only on a PC and that is exactly what we do every day in the Chamberí workshop. In addition, it is another way to ensure that the computer will be delivered when promised or even before the estimated date.

Effective data recovery as part of HP computer repair➡️

But has it happened to you that, without realizing it, you lose part of the documents that you have saved on your PC? The reasons why this happens can be several. One of them, of course, is that your computer has been exposed to malware. Whatever the conflict, we will resolve it.

The most important thing is that we will be able to locate the files, thanks to the different software that we use (the best and most functional, depending on each case). You can rest assured that in less time than you imagined you will have your images, documents, videos, lost audios or even emails back at your disposal, as if they had never disappeared.

You also don’t have to worry about the difficulty of the situation because our HP technical support experts will take care of it.

We also take care of recovering data, whatever the file.

Do you have any questions about purchasing any of our services? Can’t move your equipment and want to know how you can get us to look for it and take it for you? We can answer all the questions you have about what we offer you in less than 24 hours! You just have to write us your requirements in our form or describe the conflict through a phone call or by going directly to the Chamberí store.💻


Address: Calle Joaquín María López 26 Local 28015

Phone : 623 28 09 33

Business hours:
Lunes a Viernes de 9:30 a 18:00 horas

If you can’t come, we’ll pick up your computer at your office or home.